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Mission Control for DevOps

From source control to servers: Distelli manages your applications as they progress through the development lifecycle with complete visibility of who did what and when along the way.

Streamline DevOps with the Distelli Platform.

SSH Keys Distelli

No SSH Keys

Our robust Distelli agent handles everything.

GitHub, Bitbucket and Distelli

GitHub and Bitbucket

Build and deploy straight from source control services.

Docker and Distelli

Powered by Docker

Employ the flexibility of Docker containers.

API and Distelli

Developer API

Build atop the Distelli platform. Automate everything.

Deploy anywhere with Distelli

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy to any server regardless of OS and provider.

Build Anywhere with Distelli

Build Agnostic

Build on Distelli's servers or specify your own build server.

Git, Mercurial on Distelli

Git and Mercurial

Distelli supports both Git and Mercurial repositories.

SSH Keys Distelli

Audit Everything

Know who did what and when on your servers.

Take Command with Pipelines

Visualize your applications in all stages of the development lifecycle. Promote Releases built from Bitbucket or GitHub across environments. Add servers, configure environment variable, initiate deployments, view important metadata, and much more. View your entire DevOps workflow from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Build and Test with Ultimate Flexibility

Automatically build and test your code every time a commit is pushed to GitHub or Bitbucket. Choose to build with pre-configured Distelli Docker containers or on your own Linux, Windows or Mac OS server. View real-time streaming logs as you build. Detect failures early on and take immediate corrective action.

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Deploy to Any Server

Deploy to any server with a Distelli Agent installed, view real-time streaming logs during a Deployment, and configure Environment-specific configuration variables to run before, during, or after a Deployment. Completele transparency: View who deployed what application to what environment and when it happened.

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Server Management

Distelli provides tools and interfaces for Server Management. View applications running on your servers (including STDOUT), server metadata, and much more. Launch EC2 instances and save configurations. Provision new instances in seconds.

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