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Easy Deployment Automation

Manage your entire release workflow from a single, straightforward Dashboard. Visualize your applications & workflows in all stages of the development lifecycle. Promote Releases across environments, add servers, configure environment variables, start deployments, see who did what when, and what versions are running where.

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Control your release workflow ith Pipelines

Continuous Integration made Simple

Automatically build and test your code on every commit. Build with pre-configured Distelli Docker containers or on your own Linux, Windows, or Mac OS server. View real-time streaming logs as you build. Detect failures early and take immediate corrective action.

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Continuous Integration

Integrate with the Platform of your Choice

Deploy to any server, on any platform. View real-time logs as you deploy, and configure environment-specific commands to run before, during, or after a deployment. Track who deployed what application to what environment, and when it happened.

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Continuous Delivery to any Platform and Server

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“We don’t talk about Distelli much, because it just works.”

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Wonder Workshop

“We don’t cross our fingers when we do a deployment with Distelli and we have a lot more peace of mind.”

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“We’ve seen a 10x reduction in time spent on deployments”

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“Each deployment used to take thirty minutes to reach all servers and verify the results. Now it’s five. This is the real deal.”

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