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Continuous Delivery Reimagined

Build, Test and Deploy your Code to any Server in Minutes

Streamline DevOps with the Distelli Platform.

SSH Keys Distelli

No SSH Keys

Our robust Distelli agent handles everything.

Github, Bitbucket and Distelli

Github and Bitbucket

Integrate with your favorite source control services.

Docker and Distelli

Powered by Docker

Employ the flexibility of Docker containers.

API and Distelli

Developer API

Build atop the Distelli platform. Automate everything.

Deploy anywhere with Distelli

Deploy Anywhere

The Distelli Agent supports Linux, Windows, and OS X.

Build Anywhere with Distelli

Build Agnostic

Choose Distelli Docker builds or your own build server.

Git, Mercurial on Distelli

Git and Mercurial

Distelli supports both Git and Mercurial reponsitories.

SSH Keys Distelli

Audit Everything

Know who did what and when on your servers.

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