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Your DevOps Dashboard for Kubernetes

Build Docker Images from your Source Repository. Deploy them to a Kubernetes Cluster anywhere.
Source control Commit to Github or the source control
of your choice
Source control Build a Docker Image Create and upload
Docker images
Source control Deploy to Kubernetes or to any cloud or
physical server
Source control Slack Notifications See who did what
and when

Create and Manage Kubernetes Clusters anywhere

Create new clusters on any server or cloud. Connect your existing clusters.
Kubernetes Kubernetes

Build Docker Images

Upload Images to any Docker Registry. View the details in a single dashboard.
Docker Builds Docker Builds

Automated Pipelines to your Kubernetes Clusters

Automatically build and deploy your containers when changes are made.
CI Piplines CI Piplines

Track every event on your apps

Know every commit and build that created a particular image. Audit trails for every build and deploy. Unified App History Unified App History

Slack Notifications

Work as a team. Always know who did what and when. Slack Slack