We are proud to announce that we are part of the Puppet family
A Message from our Founder & CEO

We are joining the Puppet Family

I started this company with a single mission — to build products and services that accelerate the delivery of software in the enterprise. In the short few years after funding, we have been successful in that mission beyond my expectations. We've focused on customers and delivered solutions that are used in production by some of the biggest names in the Fortune 500.

I strongly believe in the power of automation to transform the industry and the world of software as we know it and I want that power to be available to every enterprise, regardless of the industry they serve. I also believe that it’s important for customers to have access to a breadth of solutions that integrate seamlessly across the entire stack and provide a unified experience, regardless of the cloud or environment that they operate in. If you believe in Marc Andreessen's proclamation that “software is eating the world,” then we are on the front lines leading that charge.

It is with this backdrop that I'm excited to announce that Distelli has joined Puppet in our singular mission of building better software together so our customers can ship better software faster. As we looked forward at the next stage of growth, it became apparent that leveraging the brand and reach of a global partner in the DevOps space would help us deliver more power in the hands of our customers faster. Our products are remarkably complementary and give all our customers access to a suite of services that help them accelerate innovation across the entire stack.

To all our customers, I'd like to thank you and emphasize that the level of support, innovation, and focus you've come to expect will only get better. All our products and services that you've come to love will continue to be supported and our capabilities will only increase as a result of this partnership. The entire Distelli team will be joining Puppet in their Seattle office and we will all continue to deliver software at the pace you've come to expect.

I'm proud of what we've built as a small team and I look forward to continuing our partnerships with all our customers. We're just getting started and we're excited for the future.

For Puppet’s perspective on today’s news, I invite you to check out CEO Sanjay Mirchandani’s blog. I also hope you can join us at PuppetConf 2017 for more exciting news and product deep dives with the Puppet and Distelli teams.

Rahul SinghDistelli - Founder & CEO

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