Product Announcement: Docker Builds and an Even Better EC2 Launch Experience

Jan 7, 2016

We’ve been working on a couple of pretty exciting things at Distelli, to start the year with some serious automation goodness.

Building and Deploying Docker Images

If you’re building and distributing your application as a Docker image, you can now build your Docker images in Distelli, and automatically upload them to your Docker Hub repository.

Configure your IAM roles

Once you have built your Docker image, you can deploy it to your servers and automatically run it as a Docker container.

To get started, see the documentation at Creating and Building an Application.

An Even Better Amazon EC2 Provisioning workflow: IAM roles, Custom AMIs, and More

When you launch an Amazon EC2 instance to deploy your builds to, you can configure all your essential provisioning options from within Distelli, without having to switch to your EC2 console:

  • Add Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles to an EC2 instance from within Distelli.

Configure your IAM roles

For background information on IAM roles, see Amazon’s IAM documentation at IAM Roles for Amazon EC2.

  • Select custom Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) to use on your EC2 instance: if you have the ID for the AMI you want to use, you can now add it to your instance from within Distelli.

  • Enter the commands you want to run when your instance launches, such as upgrading your packages, installing additional software, and so on.

Enter launch commands

  • Add the EC2 server to your Distelli environments in a single step.

Add the EC2 server to an environment

For steps to set up your EC2 instance, see the documentation at Provisioning EC2 Servers.