January 2016 Recap: Docker Builds, Application Pipelines, and More

Feb 1, 2016

It’s been a busy month at Distelli—we’ve been building new features that a lot of our customers have asked for, and constantly improving on our current features. Here’s a recap of new features we built in January 2016:

Building and Deploying Docker Images

Build your Docker images using Distelli, and upload them to Docker Hub or Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR). Once you’ve uploaded your image, you can use Distelli to deploy and run the Docker image as a container on your server.

Building Docker Images

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Automating Deployments: Application Pipelines

With Application Pipelines, you can automate application builds, set up deployment stages for the application, and set up automatic deployments between the stages of your pipeline. You can also set up separate pipelines for each branch in your source control repository.

Automating Application Pipelines

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Skip Automatic Builds with a Commit Message

By default, Distelli automatically builds your applications every time you commit new code. To prevent an automatic build, in your commit message, add [skip ci].