March 2016 Product Update

By Zack Chase
Mar 16, 2016

In the world of software development, collaboration is king. May it be collaboration among teammates or unification of tools and platforms, the increased level of collaboration within your team leads to a increased level of productivity. Part of our vision is to enable software development teams across the globe to be as productive as possible. We want teams to stay focused on innovating and solving complex issues within their own applications, rather than the process of testing and delivering their applications. Today, we are excited to announce a set of features that fall in line with our vision:

  • Support for launching multiple EC2 saved configurations at the same time.
  • Enhanced list view of all EC2 instance types within the EC2 launcher.
  • Support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and BitBucket Pull Requests
  • Support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and Bitbucket tags.
  • Support for Docker Private Registries.

On top of being able to ship these new features, our team has also been able to produce the first version of our On-Premise DevOps Platform. What does this mean exactly? We now offer the power of Distelli’s Cloud Platform, in the comfort of a customer’s private AWS cloud. While we are currently limited to AWS only installations, we are aggressively sprinting towards a platform agnostic On-Premise solution. If you are interested in learning more about Distelli’s On-Premise offering, email us at

Let’s take a deeper dive into each feature.

EC2 Provisioning Improvements

Earlier this year, we were beyond excited to tell you about our EC2 provisioning workflow, bringing the ability to launch and provision EC2 instances without ever having to leave the Distelli Platform. In our original EC2 offering, users were able to launch one or multiple EC2 instances and add Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles in a single step. The original iteration left a lot to be desired and we immediately began work on a more immersive and robust experience. Which brings us to today. We are happy to announce a slew of new features to allow users to fully launch and provision their EC2 instances directly from Distelli.

Configure EC2 Instances

Distelli’s EC2 workflow now allows users to launch instances from all regions/types, launch multiple saved configurations at the same time, add user data, add EC2 tags, and add servers to environments after they’ve been launched within our EC2 launcher. After each instance is launched, you can set Distelli to automatically deploy the latest active release of the environment your instance was added to. Imagine going from nothing to a new EC2 instance running the latest version of your application in minutes. Today this a reality.

EC2 User Data

As we move forward, we look to introduce features that make fully automated “Nuke and Pave” and “Blue-green” deployments a reality.

Source Control Updates

Source control is one of the most critical parts to successful collaboration during software development. Taking the features offered by source control and extending them further into your software development lifecycle is a critical part of improving collaboration and productivity. Today we are excited to announce a set of features added to our Source Control Integration that improves developer collaboration.

Pull Requests

Pending Pull Request

When building an application within Distelli, a build task is created on every commit to the branch you specified in your application settings. For example, if you set your application to watch your “Master” branch, then a build will be kicked off on each commit to your “Master” branch. What if someone submits a pull request? Well today, we are happy to say that pull requests can kick off builds and automated deployments.

Compelted Pull Request

Let’s say you’ve created an open source project and released your first version to the world. Another developer has noticed your project and saw some improvements they could make so the other developer has submitted a pull request on your project. You review the code and it looks good, but you want to see how these changes are going to affect your user experience. This is where Distelli’s Pull Request feature comes in. When a pull request is submitted to your application’s branch Distelli will now kick off a build, create a release, and will even automatically deploy this release to your Beta or QA Stack. Each pull request will be required to pass through the same tests as your application does and automatically be deployed to ensure the changes behave as expected. This can all be done without having to lift a finger.

Merged Pull Request

Docker Private Registries

Private Docker Registry

In our initial Docker offering we gave our users the option to use Docker Hub or ECR (Amazon EC2 Container Registry) as their container registry service. We quickly realized this was not enough, we had to give our users the option to host their own container registry service. We are extremely happy to say that today we support Docker Private Registries. Just like our integrations with Docker Hub and ECR, all you have to do is enter in your Registries credentials and you’re off. Distelli will push created images to your private registry and pull from your registry during deployments.

Private Docker Registry Credentials


Each of these features helps bridge a gap in developer collaboration or tool unification. Let’s do a quick recap of what we have introduced today:

  • Our EC2 workflow enables users to launch and provision AWS EC2 instances directly from Distelli. You can even configure your workflow to automatically deploy the latest active release of your application.
  • Build support for GitHub, GitHub Enterprise and BitBucket Pull Requests. Test PR’s prior to merging them into the rest of your code-base.
  • Self Hosted Docker registries are now supported out of the box. Build and deploy images directly from your self hosted container registry.

Take these new features for a spin today and let us know what you think! Or if you are interested in learning more about the Distelli platform send us a message explaining your use case, and we will be happy to give a demo tailored to your specific needs.