Product Update: Introducing Groups

By Alex Leventer
Oct 19, 2015

As our customer’s teams grow larger, they often request better control over the permissions of their team members within Distelli. Whether it be limiting access to certain applications or locking deployments to production for new users, this wasn’t possible with Distelli - before today.

From day one, Distelli has been obsessed with making management of infrastructure painless. With complete auditability of builds, deploys and servers, you can find who made what changes, when and where in just a matter of seconds. If, for some reason, these changes cause issues, it’s simple to roll-back to a previous version in seconds. Now Slack, HipChat and email notifications make it effortless to be kept in the loop when a new build or deployment completes successfully. But, even with these handy features, there’s always room for improvement. We communicate with our customers every hour of every day to find solutions to bugs, deploys and anything else we can help with. Sometimes, an idea that benefits everyone is too hard to pass up and we jump right on it. So what’s next?

We’re excited to announce group functionality with advanced role-based access control for all Distelli accounts. With the new groups feature, you can now define granular permissions to applications, environments, builds and more within your team. Giving permissions and defining roles keeps overwriting down to a minimum and allows administrators to effectively portion tasks in an intensely specific way.

Groups Demo

Need a few ready-made examples of how you can make things more secure? Now you can:

  • Provide a contracter full control to just a single application rather than your company’s entire set of apps
  • Allow that contractor to deploy to your beta environment but limit deployment to your production environment
  • Provide an employee you’re onboarding with full access to deploy to beta environments associated but read-only access to production environments

When it comes to Distelli’s functionality and convenience, your satisfaction is what drives us. We focus on what benefits you, and are eager to listen about what makes Distelli the best it can be.

Additional questions or comments? Shoot us an email at for more information on getting set up.