Product Update: Launch EC2 Instances Directly from Distelli

By Alex Leventer
Sep 2, 2015

Our mission is to build a unified DevOps dashboard that makes it easy for developers and software teams everywhere to manage all their infrastructure regardless of where it lives. Today, we’re excited to announce another small step in the realization of this vision.

Distelli now gives you the power to provision and launch EC2 instances from the same console you build and deploy your code. With this new feature we’re truly making it easy to go from source control to servers and managing everything in between. With just a few clicks you can instantly launch any EC2 instance type within any AWS region worldwide. Image With this new feature you can launch EC2 instances directly from the same dashboard, add them to an environment and deploy your code to them in seconds. The Distelli agent is automatically installed on the new instances making the server immediately visible within your servers dashboard and ready for deployments. Image The applications, environments, release versions, AWS instance ID and other important server metadata are available for each managed server: Image All the standard stop, reboot and terminate instance actions can be done entirely through Distelli: Image We’ll be adding additional enhancements to this feature over the next several weeks that we hope will make it faster and easier to manage all your servers and EC2 instances from within Distelli.

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