The Tools, Infrastructure, and Challenges facing Seattle's Docker community

By Vladi Semenov
Mar 3, 2016

Last Thursday, Distelli hosted Seattle’s monthly Docker Meetup; an event full of world class presenters, great networking, and copious amount of Zeeks Pizza and drinks.

Here at Distelli, we’re obsessed with making it insanely easy to build, test, Dockerize and deploy your applications from source control to any server in the world. Naturally we were interested in finding out what infrastructure, tools, and challenges the Docker community faced.

Meetup attendees were asked to fill out a short three question survey on their current DevOps toolset as well as DevOps challenges at their organizations. Every entry had a chance to win a $100 Tom Douglas gift card to be drawn at the end of the evening.

We collected a total of 28 responses for the survey. Let’s take a look at the results. Quick disclosure, both Joyent and Microsoft presented at the Meetup.

Infrastructure Technologies Findings - Data

  • Despite this being a Docker Meetup, over 20% of survey respondents are not yet using Docker at their organizations.
  • 64% of those in survey respondents are leveraging AWS in some way.
  • 39% of attendees are utilizing bare metal Vagrant was utilized by 32% of attendees although there were some complaints of speed and performance within the surveys.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment Tool Findings - Data

  • Jenkins was by far the most utilized tool with 57% of participants on board. Several Jenkins users commented that they are beginning to look at other options.
  • Seattle startup Chef, came in second in representation with 28% of organizations using recipes as their continuous integration tool.
  • To no surprise, homegrown automation scripts (18%) are still alive and well. Even with buying or using off the shelf solutions homegrown automation scripts are still used for automation strategies today.

DevOps Challenges Faced Findings

In the last section of our survey, we asked our participants to tell us about the biggest challenge they are facing currently. As expected, there were a variety of answers as each development team faces a different set of challenges contingent on their goals. However, there were some common themes among our participants. Consistent among many participants, they wanted a nice UI, a developer friendly platform, team structuring, reliability, auditability, and the ability to juggle multiple cloud providers. These are very common problems among customers and prospects we already engage with. People are experiencing the pain of using point solutions.

We’ve compiled the challenges shared with us by survey respondents from the Meetup, in hopes of beginning to address some of these challenges as a community, in the coming months. Keep your eyes open for info on the next Meetup and we look forward to providing you industry leadership in this realm.

Want to learn more?

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