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Kubernetes (k8s) is an open source container cluster manager originally designed by Google. K8s works with Docker containers and coordinates a cluster of hosts running Docker. K8s provides a platform for deploying, scaling, and operations of containers across clusters of hosts.

Kubernetes is Greek for Helmsman or Pilot.

Distelli offers advanced features for k8s cluster management, including:

  • Learning of existing clusters dynamically and manually.
  • Automated builds and deploy (CI/CD).
  • Creating new clusters.
  • Monitoring the cluster.
  • Deploying containers to the cluster.
  • Creating services.
  • Inspecting logs.
  • and much more...

Using Distelli with k8s clusters is documented in the Distelli K8S Dashboard documentation section.

There are also several k8s related tutorials available.

K8s uses a command line tool called kubectl. It is available here.

The k8s CLI requires a kubeconfig file with information on how to connect to a cluster. This file can be downloaded from Distelli.