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Distelli DevOps Workflows

Workflows allow you the ability to build a complex set of repeatable tasks in Distelli. This feature enables the creation of advanced workflows of tasks in Distelli. Here are a couple example scenarios.

Scenario 1. I want to deploy the latest release of my application to a temporary server, then deploy my test harness to test my application, and after all tests have completed, destroy the servers and environments.

Scenario 2. I want to stand up a complete duplicate environment of my application, including security groups and load balancers.

Scenario 3. My developers need a preconfigured environment with all the latest services running, that is consistently the same for each developer.

Viewing a Workflow

The Workflows feature in Distelli can be found on the top Navigation menu. Simply click Workflows.

workflow overview

Below is an example workflow.


Below is an example function.

workflow function

Function input values can be:

  • Input at runtime
  • Hard coded
  • An input or output of a previous step

Here is an example Launch an EC2 Instance function where the input value envs is populated from step 1 input value envName, shown above.

workflow function